Day #23, 24, & 25 – Yoga Central, BAM @ Blitz and Barre Body Studio

Sorry if this is a little late but better late than never right? Once I finished the last 3 days of my 25 day challenge a ton of things started to fall into place for SplitFit and I’ve been crazy busy moving things forward. More to come on that but now, a quick recap of my 23rd, 24th and 25th workout in a row.

Day 23 – Yoga Central

After a long day of work and then a couple meetings at the U of A it was 8:30pm and I thought I would just have to get home and take the dogs for a run and call it Day #23 – Hound Run…I had my workout gear in my vehicle so before heading home I did a quick scan of a couple yoga schedules online and saw that Yoga Central had a 9-10pm Hot Flow class and the studio was just a few kilometers from the University. Done! I ripped over and slipped in just before the class began, had a great session and ended a crazy packed day on a high note.

This was a warm yoga session (I wouldn’t call it hot) and consisted of a nice long warmup that started out with some breathing exercises and sun salutations followed by about 15 minutes of standing postures and another 15-20 minutes of floor postures. A nice thing about attending a new studio or having a new instructor is I usually get to try out some new poses that I’ve never done before. The instructor Josh had some gooders. I was also able to have a little chat with Josh after the class and we have some mutual friends through the U of A v-ball network. Small world.

Anyways – thanks Josh and Yoga Central for the Thursday late night yoga sesh.

Day #24 – Back @ Blitz Conditioning to Support BAM Edmonton

It was Friday and I knew I needed to get a challenging workout in and up until now, Blitz was the spot that I knew would deliver. So I hit up the Friday 6pm karma class…And yes – it delivered. It was a full house and all donations were going to support Bust A Move… I think the running fundraising total has reached over $1000 from Blitz which definitely says something about their dedication to supporting the community.

For the full run-down of Blitz Conditioning, check out my day #4 blog post. Out of the 25 workouts done over the month of January, the HIIT classes here are by far the most challenging.

Day #25 – Barre Body Studio Edmonton

Well I didn’t plan on doing Barre, but sure glad I did. Gent’s, this is way harder than you may think. I was literally pouring sweat after about 10 minutes.

High reps, small short movements and every exercise / movement you do, you do it until you feel the burn…

Although I was the only dude in the class, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and now my wife Kat is eager to try it out herself.

Overall – Beautiful facility, easy access, good vibe and glow juicery in the house for after workout refreshments.

IMG_20150131_160555  IMG_20150131_161615  IMG_20150131_161544  IMG_20150131_162000

Thats it ladies and gentleman. 25 days, 25 workouts. I’ve had a blast doing it and found some hidden gem fitness studios that I’m looking forward to returning to. Thanks to all the venues that welcomed me!

Stay tuned for more info on




The Final Stretch. Day #20, 21 & 22 – Body By Bennett, River Valley Trails & BeYOUtiful You

Day #20 – Body by Bennett

I wanted to check out Body by Bennett for a few reasons…#1 is that they have two locations and neither location sucks. One is just a few km from my house on 124th street and there is also a beast sized facility on the west side. These locations make it extra easy to access and also give a variety of classes and class times to choose from. #2 is because I have actually heard people speak very highly of the studio and the quality of training. Both people in the fitness industry and people that have just worked out there before. When people are talking, it usually means they run a tight ship. #3…Nope, I don’t have a number three. Just the two reasons why I wanted to check this place out…And I’m glad I did.

Instead of writing a long drawn out description I am just going to get to the nitty gritty.

Facility – Beautiful. Nice brick walls, long open concept, all the equipment, live heart rate monitors on flat screen TV’s, showers w/ shampoo/conditioner & bodywash, towels, razors, lockers…

Workout – 1 hour T.I.M.E. zone workout. This stands for total integrated measurable exercise. I’m assuming this means that you are supposed to wear the heart monitor during the workout so you can measure your hear rate and calories… Since I was new they never made me wear one which was fine because I knew I was working hard by the large snail trail of sweat I was leaving all over the mats and equipment. I’m sure everyone else really liked that…So yes, the workout was hard and challenging. It was definitely worth it.

Photos – As usual, for your viewing pleasure:


Shows your real time heart rate and calories burnt

Shows your real time heart rate and calories burnt


fully stocked

fully stocked

Day #21 – 5:30am River Valley Run w/ the SOF Crew

It’s tough to get up for this one so early in the morning but once you’re up and moving through the river valley trail system it’s totally worth it. Nothing too exciting to report on here. 12km run in the morning, some good views of the Edmonton skyline, one coyote sighting and a few close calls on the icy trails but no wipeouts.

I was able to capture a nice shot of the Edmonton skyline.


Day #22 – BeYOUtiful You

I have seen the word Tabata or modified Tabata used around a couple of the studios I’ve hit over the last 20 days but didn’t really think anything of it or ask what it meant. I just remember those workouts being hard, very hard. So when I was searching for any Wednesday morning fitness classes still available on my YegFit “bust a move” fitness pass I came across a little gem tucked away on Whyte avenue, minutes from my place, that had 6am Tabata class.

When I first walked into this place I thought I may have been in the wrong building…There is a full retail clothing store up front. You walk through the retail space to get the the change room area and then keep walking into the back to get to the hardwood fitness area. I am hesitant to bring my wife to this place because the clothing was really nice and I’m sure she will buy up half the store before even getting to the workout.

The class, as expected, was tough. 45 minutes of Tabata, which I now know means do an exercise hard for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds, repeat that 8 times. And we did that for 45 minutes straight. There were some good tunes, a small class (just 3 of us) and overall a good workout + experience. This place is actually going to double in size as they are taking over the space beside them. I look forward to checking it out again when it’s renovated. Thanks Zac and BeYOUtiful fit for the great start to my Wednesday morning.

IMG_20150128_055350 IMG_20150128_055210


Some other early risers. They invited me to try their pole dance fitness class. They’re both instructors. Kat – Lets do it!

3 more days and I’ll be at 25 workouts.. STRAIGHT! Until next time…


4 more days, 4 more workouts…

It’s been a few days since I’ve caught everyone up on my 25 workout challenge so here is an update on days #16, 17, 18 & 19.

Day #16 – Men’s League V-ball – Tier 1 Action

It felt awesome to get back on the v-ball court again this last Thursday with team Vintage at the Saville Center. Even though it’s just “men’s league”, the majority of players in the top tier have experience playing varsity ball, pro ball overseas, or national team. This always makes for some high level and competitive matches which is usually full of colourful and creative trash talk across the net. It was a nice surprise to see current National Team and professional volleyball player Jason Derocco suited up on the other side of the court. Jason was taking a short break from the national team full time training center in Gatineau and was able to show some of us “old guys” how it’s done when your in your prime!

The result – Vintage goes 2-0 beating the Bears and reigning supreme at the top of tier 1!

Me with the Derocco Brothers.

Me with the Derocco Brothers.

Day #17 – Yoga Life – South Edmonton Common

It was Friday night, I was totally drained after a long week and thought that the best option for my workout of the day would be a yoga class. After chatting with Katarina she browsed a few studios online and saw an acro-yoga class scheduled at Yoga Life, a studio neither of us had been to before, and insisted we do an acro-yoga date night – and the plan was set!

We live just west of Kingsway Mall so it took a good 25-30 minutes to arrive at the Yoga Life studio in south Edmonton Common. This place is nice! As you walk in there are couches around a coffee table with fresh fruit and tea brewing on the side. A nice selection of yogi clothing and gear is set up around another corner and a big glowing window bearing the “Yoga Life” logo is lit up behind the main reception.


I tell the young lady that we would like to buy a drop in pass to the 7pm acro-yoga class and she gives me a surprised look and says “uhhm well… actually the acro-class is at the north side location.”

Nice one Kat…You took us to the wrong location.

“So is there another class going on?” I ask. The young lady replies “yes there is a Restore and Renew class at 7.” So we both agreed that since we are already here we might as well try it out. The idea behind this class is active relaxation. The body is supported with props in various postures that are supposed to stimulate and restore the body towards balance. Let me tell you… This is RELAXATION. As a matter of fact it was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep during every single posture. Katarina said she new I was sleeping because my breathing was so loud. I’m pretty sure that the intent of the class is to stay aware, awake, maybe meditate…but a yoga practice is all up to the individual practicing isn’t it?

Anyways… I look forward to trying out another one of the many classes Yoga Life offers at either their North or South Edmonton Common location. Thanks Yoga Life for my first class!

Nice changerooms w/ lockers, showers, towels, q-tips...

Nice changerooms w/ lockers, showers, towels, q-tips…


Little chill out area to sip tea, eat fruit.

Day #18 – Legends Training Centre

Legends is no unfamiliar place to me. This is where I was first introduced to boxing and if it wasn’t for my months of training at Legends, I would have never started seriously getting into boxing and actually fighting in a few bouts.

Legends really has something for everyone. They are a premiere Brazilian Jiu Jitsu facility and are part of the Gracie Barra family of Jiu Jitsu training. Legends offers boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, group fitness, personal fitness, sport specific team training and boot camps. You’ll see a range of people from little gaffers in Gi’s practicing Jiu Jitsu to their parents doing Kevin’s always challenging group classes. This is truly a family facility.

It had been a while since I’ve trained at Legends and it was nice to get a good workout in there Saturday morning. Thanks Kevin!


Day #19 – Sparring

I was called by my old boxing coach to help a new fighter get some rounds in before his first fight coming up this spring. This was the first time that I’ve been back in the ring since I got TKO’d at boxing provincials almost a year and a half ago and I am glad I did it. It is amazing how much of a workout 3, 2-minute rounds can be.

The rounds went well, the guy is a new fighter and has definitely got some skills, but still has a lot of work to do…Mainly just getting in better physical shape. I can say from experience, the worst feeling you can get when boxing is total exhaustion halfway through a bout. I would love to include a few rounds of sparring once or twice a month in my regular fitness regime. I also want to check out some more boxing clubs in this city. Any recommendations?

IMG_20150125_131026 IMG_20150125_131014

If you’re interested in watching the final fight of my boxing career… it’s on youtube. Just search Tim Gourlay or check out the link.

6 more workouts to go!




Day #13,14, & 15 – U of A Butterdome + Gym, TNP Fitness Studio, SVPT Fitness & Athletics

Day#13 – U of A Butterdome + Brand NEW Fitness Center


I will always have a good time working out and exercising at the University of Alberta. Even with a 40% busted to working locker ratio and showers that never get hotter than luke warm, it will always be a familiar place that I genuinely enjoy spending time at. Come to think of it whether I’m at the university fitness facilities or just anywhere on campus it is almost always a place I am happy to be around. Many great memories come from the U… Playing with the Golden Bears for 3 amazing seasons, meeting my beautiful wife, and the usual campus happenings and events that define the U of A culture… And now they built a brand new fitness center!!!

If you have ever been to the old fitness center, picture that in your head, take away the old musky smell, multiply the size by 6, and imagine all new equipment. Thats what the new center is like. Way more room, no waiting for any machines or equipment or the water fountain. Same great vibe.

IMG_20150119_203700 IMG_20150119_203825

A bonus with the U of A is you can always go to the butterdome and run the track, shoot hoops or run the 20 + sets of stairs all for free.


go bears

#TBT to March 2009 – Golden Bears are Golden at CIS Natties!

Day #14 TNP Fitness Studio


I knew that since I was working a casino shift for Crime Stoppers immediately after work on Tuesday the only time to get my swell on was in the morning so I hit up the 6:30am HIIT at TNP Fitness Studio. This definitely isn’t the biggest studio in the world but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a BIG workout. The instructor Jordan put us through tough, tough intervals and had a heavy electro playlist to go with it…Loved the tunes. There was some serious energy in that place.

Thanks for the workout Jordan and TNP!


This signage had all the exercises posted throughout the different intervals


Day #15 – SVPT Fitness & Athletics

LUNCH. HOUR. WORKOUTS…FINALLY!!! This was a great fitness studio find for me. Perfect timing over my lunch break and perfect location only a few minutes away from my office. My colleague has been working out at this place for ages and has always encouraged me to try it out. So I finally did.

First off, you get a pretty good feeling this place is legit as you walk in the door. There is a 30ft wall covered in various signed  “thank you SVPT” photos of the many professional athletes that train at this facility. Although this isn’t an MMA or Combat style gym, it seems like many of the Edmonton pro MMA and boxing athletes do their non combat physical training here. I was pleasantly surprised to run into the 6x world champion local boxer Jelena Mrdjenovich just finishing up her workout as I began. If Jelena trains here then, damn… this place IS legit.


The workout was short, sweet and tough. It was called a “metabolic conditioning” workout. I have no idea what that means but will be sure to ask the next time I go, and I will definitely go again. The class size is (purposefully) small which enables the instructor to give lots of personalized attention ensuring proper technique and execution of the various functional exercises. Thanks Cameron and SVPT for the workout!


The cherry on top was that on the drive back I pass right by the Fifendekel cafe which has the best sandwich Edmonton has to offer. Chicken salad on sunflower bread, cranberry, havarti and all the groceries. Trust me. Try it.

Yours Truly,

Timothy MacGregor G

Day #10, 11 & 12 – Brospin 2.0, Spark Conditioning & Lake Louise

Day #10 – Brospin 2.0


Bro 1 – “Bro do you even spin?”

Bro 2 – “Ya bro. I spin”

Bro 1 – “I thought that was just for ladies?”

Bro 2 – “Negative bro. I do it for the ladies”

Bro 1 – “Nice bro…Nice”

It was a full house for Brospin 2.0 Friday night at the one and only Spinunity in Sherwood Park. I’m glad I bought my ticket early because this event sold out quick. The entire evening went off without a hitch and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. Things started out with an hour of intense spinning alongside a nicely bro’d out playlist (courtesy of Erika BRO-rootes) and ended with pizza, beer and a swag bag that included some premium lulu ginch! I met some new people, made some great connections and also ran into some familiar faces. All of the money raised went to the Hope Mission ( Check out the amazing photos courtesy of the talented Chan @

Thanks to Spinunity for hosting this event and everyone who attended!

Day #11 – Spark Conditioning

I have been meaning to check out a Cross Fit style gym for months and Saturday morning I finally did. I found Spark Conditioning off of my “bust a move” YEGFitness pass sampler and their 9am class gave me just enough time to sneak in a workout before taking off to Banff for the annual MBA ski trip. After chatting with some of the members and staff I learned that Spark offers much more than just a Cross Fit workout. They run sport specific conditioning, team conditioning, personal training and I think there is even a yoga studio on the mezzanine.

First off, this place is massive! From the outside it looks like just a regular commercial bay off the corner of 99th street and Whitemud. Once you walk in the doors and go past the front reception area you’ll enter a 14,000 sq ft, open air, fully equipped beast of a training center. A 20ft wide by about 120 ft long astro turfed area stretches the full length of the studio on one side. A large open workout space spreads across the other side with rowing machines, squat racks, barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells just to name a few of the items neatly spread around the space.

IMG_20150117_084039 IMG_20150117_084012

Our trainers name was Talla and she did an amazing job of explaining all of the different exercises and proper techniques to me, the “new guy”. The class began with a few warm up exercises up and down the astro turf and gradually became more and more challenging as we progressed through each of the various exercises. I had heard earlier from one of the regulars in the change room that the toughest part of the workout is at the end where everyone does the WOD (Workout Of the Day). He was right. The WOD kicked my @ss. You basically have 7 minutes to perform the WOD as many times as possible. It’s deadly, and definitely forces you to push your limits.

IMG_20150117_095945 IMG_20150117_100151

The overall vibe at Spark was extremely welcoming and friendly, both from the staff and other members. I could definitely see myself adding workouts like this to my fitness regime. Thank you Talla and Kim for the great experience + workout. I look forward to coming back!

Day #12 – MBA Ski Trip @ Lake Louise (Snowboarding counts as a workout)

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday. After a rather late evening of gallivanting around Banff, Katarina and I pulled ourselves out of bed, hopped on the bus with the rest of the hurting units that comprised our group, and had an unreal day shredding up Lake Louise. The pulled pork, pork loin, and bacon poutine for lunch was also rather enjoyable.


Just a Crow...Chillin.

Just a Crow…Chillin.


Thats all for now ladies and gentleman. Until next time.


Day #8 & 9 – Roady to the YQL for Biz – Keepin’ fit @ the Sandman Hotel & Lethbridge YMCA

Day #8 – Sandman Hotel Fitness Center

“Twas an early Wednesday morning that Timmy did rise, he hopped in his car with sleep still in his eyes. To the airport he drove, with 2 flights ahead…En route to Lethbridge, he knew in his head. When the airplane touched down and the off-boarding began, he quickly grabbed his bags and then  he was off to Sandman!”

I thought I would have to write something somewhat amusing to keep this post the least bit interesting. As you could guess, the Sandman Hotel Fitness Center is nothing special. The broken ass rowing machine, a couple cardio machines, 3 dumbbells… a typical hotel gym. So instead I just pounded through about 45 minutes of bodyweight exercises that I had done the previous week at the Blitz conditioning HIIT class. 50 reps of anything is usually pretty intense so that was the magic number. The best part of this workout was that I was completely alone and got to explore the satisfying sounds of Soundcloud and shuffle through my current faves. I stumbled upon some massive tracks that I will share with you, right here, right now…My top 5 in no particular order:

Well… Not too much more to write about for Day 8. I hope you liked the tunes at least, if not thats cool too. As usual, some pics for your enjoyment…


busted ass equipment

busted ass equipment

thumbs down for Sandman

thumbs down for Sandman

Day #9 – Lethbridge YMCA

I seriously considered just skipping a day…I was out of town, had a jam packed day ahead of me and was flying out that same evening. I pulled myself out of bed knowing I would regret my lack of discipline if I slept in. Lucky for me the local YMCA was just minutes from the prestigious Sandman and had a 6 – 7am HIIT class. There were about 8 people who showed up and we set up in the gymnasium. The instructor Patrick put us through a workout that had a similar structure to my last HIIT class at Blitz in Edmonton, but the intervals were not as intensive (see day #2 post). I probably did about 45 laps around that gym by the end of it as every interval ended in 5 laps. I kind of felt like I was back in elementary school. Lots of lap running in elementary school, at least in Mr Muennich’s gym class.

IMG_20150115_062245 IMG_20150115_061314

Anyways – Thank you YMCA for being so close to my hotel so I could get out of bed and not skip a day in my #25day25workout challenge. Next up for day #10…Brospin.



Day #5, 6, 7 – Tru Ride Cycle, Marshall Boxing Club & Dance Code Studio

Day # 5 – Tru Ride Cycle Studio

Great sweat, solid playlist and not a bad way to start off a Sunday Morning. I was lucky enough that the beautiful Katarina was able to join me for this one and we both agreed that we would definitely come back to Tru Ride…

IMG_20150111_091719 IMG_20150111_091737

The instructors name was Karma and if you are reading this Karma, send me your playlist! I definitely liked the variety… A grimey white stripes remix to start things off followed by some hip hop, electronic and even a little bit of drum and bass to get things moving… Bravo!

The facility was clean, showers & towels in the change rooms, a little chill out zone with couches just outside the spin room. Hopefully my photography skills give this place justice. Thanks for the workout Karma & Tru Ride.

IMG_20150111_093926 IMG_20150111_091504 IMG_20150111_092118

Day # 6 – Marshall Boxing Club

It’s been a while since I have thrown on the old boxing gloves and I was definitely overdue to punch some $h!T. Matt Marshall, hence the name Marshall Boxing Club, was my first (and only) boxing coach and trained me for almost a year in 2013 fighting 3 times before I literally threw in the gloves and ended my amateur career with 2 wins and a tough, tough TKO loss. Boxing is a rough sport and I give props to all the real fighters out there. It’s sure a grind to get up and keep going after a tough loss or even taking a really hard hit. For me, I’ll just stick to the boxing training for the time being.

After my first fight in Oyen. Both Dax and I won.

After my first fight in Oyen. Both Dax and I won.

The time I spent boxing training put me in the best shape of my entire life. Matt has over 10 years experience in boxing and kickboxing, a black belt in kung fu and really know’s how to get you into shape both physically and mentally. At first I didn’t realize how much thinking and concentration is involved in a boxing workout. Learning all the different combinations is one thing but executing them when you are absolutely exhausted is much more challenging.

The facility isn’t huge but it is large enough and has everything any boxing gym would have – heavy bags, speed bags, hand pads, headgear, but most importantly a coach who knows what he’s doing and genuinely cares for the well being and safety of everyone who he trains. Marshall Boxing Club will cater to anyone looking for a new experience, to just get in shape, or even to compete in a real boxing bout. Marshall Boxing Club was featured on CTV recently and the vid can be found here:

Matt and I doing the usual boxer photo pose after our session

Matt and I doing the usual boxer photo pose after our session

They also do Jiu Jitsu and other types of combat training at the facility - Wise Warrior Gym

They also do Jiu Jitsu and other types of combat training at the facility – Wise Warrior Gym

Day #7 – Dance Code Studio

This was a true first time experience for me. I have never, ever been to a dance class before and if it wasn’t for my 25 day, 25 workout challenge I probably never would have. Luckily I did because it awesome! The Croatian sensation and I both went to the “Pop & Lock” class and are about halfway to showcasing our new moves next time we are out on the town. The instructor was an extremely talented dude. He made everything look so easy but damn, popping and locking is not easy. Popping basically refers to going from being relaxed and casual to tensing your muscles and stopping your movement to create a POP with your body…and doing it to the beat. Think doing the robot. It took a little while but by the end of it both Kat and I were poppin’ like it’s hot.

IMG_20150113_203010 IMG_20150113_202945

The location is pretty central in the Oliver area of downtown and it is in the same building as Blitz conditioning. The facility is pretty big with 3 different dance rooms. It seems like they have a ton of different types of classes, and as Kat and I were walking in there were about 30 people swing dancing. So…I’m pretty sure there is a little something for everyone at the Dance Code Studio. Before going to the class tonight I thought in my head that this will most likely be my first and last dance class but now that I have actually got the basics of Popping and Locking under my belt I am sure I will be back to work on my sick, sick moves.

Sick move #1

Sick move #1

I am off to Lethbridge tomorrow for a “Tour de Southern Alberta” visiting clients so I hope I can crush another gym off my YEG Fitness “bust a move” charity gym sampler before my flight leaves at 10am. If not I’ll have to see what types of facilities good ol’ Lethbridge has in store for me. -Timmy G

Day #2, 3, and 4: Mens League, Moksha Yoga Edmonton West & Blitz Conditioning

The last 3 days have came and went and with that 3 more unique workouts under my belt. Here is the quick and dirty down low:

Day #2 – Men’s League V-Ballin

I had originally planned to hit up another studio off of my YEG Fitness studio sampler pass but got the call up last minute to sub with the “Vintage” crew in EVA men’s league. Since I have always had class thursdays during the fall semester this is the first opportunity I’ve had to play some decent ball and I couldn’t say no….The result: 2 big wins, Vintage is moving back to the top of tier one, and my body hurts…everywhere.

IMG_20150108_201145 IMG_20150108_201139

Day #3 – Moksha Yoga Edmonton West

Over the last few years I have always made sure that I have drop in credits on my Moksha pass. I don’t make it there as often as I would like, but when I do, it never disappoints. I thought that the Friday 6:30-7:30am flow class with Becky would be fitting for how sore I was from v-ball the night before and yes, it sure did the trick. As I usually do in the morning classes, I’ll lay down in the hot room and fall asleep within a couple minutes. It is surprising how comfortable and tranquil it can be in that room when it is so early in the morning and cold outside. When the instructors voice woke me it actually took me split second to realize that I was at yoga class and not in my bed…I usually don’t like getting woken up, but that’s a great way to be awoken.

As with most yoga studios in the city, the facility was clean, had nice change rooms and showers, and was well stocked with anything a yogi would need. What I believe really keeps me coming back to practice Moksha yoga versus the many other options Edmonton has is the quality of the instructors and the energy that they bring into the hot room. Every time I go the instructions are given with such a high degree of detail it makes it easy to properly find and feel the postures, no matter what level you are at. The instructor’s words flow without every hearing an uhm, ahh, or any sort of awkward instruction or pause.

To sum up, if you have never practiced yoga before or are a seasoned yoga veteran this is a great studio to check out. Even though you will be a sweaty mess when you are done, the feeling you get after the class is totally worth it.

Day #4 Blitz Conditioning

Well I got my @ss kicked this morning. I have not been pushed / pushed myself that hard for quite some time. I was invited to check out the Saturday morning HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class by my buddy Carl and am sure tomorrow I will feel like my body was HIIT by a train…Get it? I know, lame joke…

IMG_20150110_104346 IMG_20150110_104402

The class started with a few sets of warm up squats holding a dumbbell and quickly escalated into the high intensity training intervals that the name suggests. It is basically set up into numerous intervals that each include 3-4 exercises being done one after another with no rest and a 10-15 second rest in between each set of the 3-4 exercises. Once you complete an interval there is a 2-3 minute rest, which goes by waaay to fast, and then on to the next interval of 3-4 different exercises. The last 15 minutes of the workout we were partnered up alternating exercises back and forth until I could barely move. For the first 20 minutes or so I was feeling alright, working hard but still able to get through the intervals. The last half I was really pushed and in the last 10 minutes or so I was pushing myself to muscle failure. When it was done I took a good 5 minutes of just laying on the ground, always a sign of quality workout.

This was my first time at Blitz Conditioning and you could tell the instructor knew what he was doing, the facility was great, and it is located close to home for me in Oliver downtown. The facility looks small from the outside but once you get in there it is actually massive. I learned that as I was doing lunges through the hallway loop that never seemed to end. The change rooms were slick with showers (fully stocked with shampoo, conditioner and body wash), towels, lockers and a nice little goody shelf if anyone prefers the old Italian shower (see photo of goody shelf).

IMG_20150110_104004 IMG_20150110_120916

If you are looking for a workout that will get you in shape fast, check these guys out. They are legit.


Timmy G

P.S. This blog will not only contain positive reviews. If I come across a studio that sucks I will mention it on here…Please don’t hate me.

Day #1 – Spinunity Cycle Studio

With 25 studios planned to hit over the next month, I took a random stab yesterday at one featured on my “Bust a Move” charity fitness pass that I purchased through YEGFitness Magazine just before Xmas. Spinunity had a “Spin & Flow” Class that was timed pretty good to fit in on my drive home from work and was not too far out of the way even though it’s located just on the west end of Sherwood Park.

Overall, this place was pretty slick. Change rooms were stocked with towels, soaps, and  even deodorant sprays.  Only thing they were missing was the bathroom attendant with gum and cologne…Nah on second thought I always feel bad for not tipping those guys anyways so no big deal.




Glow Juicery is basically built in to the studio and I was generously offered a fresh OJ after the class.

The actual class was called “Spin & Flow” which I for some reason didn’t realize was a hybrid between spin and yoga (30 min each). The instructor helped me size up the bike and gave me a quick rundown of how the class was going to run since I was new. The bike workout was pretty intense…upbeat music (not that I would listen to on my own but I’m sure my wife would love it), high energy instructor and overall I felt pretty beat by the end of it (a good thing). The class ended with a 30 minute yoga routine which was good as I am still sore from the MBA Games over the weekend.


Overall – I was impressed by this place and would definitely give it a thumbs up on all fronts. I will probably check out their BroSpin session next Friday as well. As I was leaving I noticed a Crossfit gym just 2 bays down. Stay tuned – I plan to check that place out next Monday.

Over and Out,


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P.S. My wife Katarina wants me to post before and after pictures…Happy Wife, Happy Life.

January 5, 2015 – 218lbs

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