Day #23, 24, & 25 – Yoga Central, BAM @ Blitz and Barre Body Studio

Sorry if this is a little late but better late than never right? Once I finished the last 3 days of my 25 day challenge a ton of things started to fall into place for SplitFit and I’ve been crazy busy moving things forward. More to come on that but now, a quick recap of my 23rd, 24th and 25th workout in a row.

Day 23 – Yoga Central

After a long day of work and then a couple meetings at the U of A it was 8:30pm and I thought I would just have to get home and take the dogs for a run and call it Day #23 – Hound Run…I had my workout gear in my vehicle so before heading home I did a quick scan of a couple yoga schedules online and saw that Yoga Central had a 9-10pm Hot Flow class and the studio was just a few kilometers from the University. Done! I ripped over and slipped in just before the class began, had a great session and ended a crazy packed day on a high note.

This was a warm yoga session (I wouldn’t call it hot) and consisted of a nice long warmup that started out with some breathing exercises and sun salutations followed by about 15 minutes of standing postures and another 15-20 minutes of floor postures. A nice thing about attending a new studio or having a new instructor is I usually get to try out some new poses that I’ve never done before. The instructor Josh had some gooders. I was also able to have a little chat with Josh after the class and we have some mutual friends through the U of A v-ball network. Small world.

Anyways – thanks Josh and Yoga Central for the Thursday late night yoga sesh.

Day #24 – Back @ Blitz Conditioning to Support BAM Edmonton

It was Friday and I knew I needed to get a challenging workout in and up until now, Blitz was the spot that I knew would deliver. So I hit up the Friday 6pm karma class…And yes – it delivered. It was a full house and all donations were going to support Bust A Move… I think the running fundraising total has reached over $1000 from Blitz which definitely says something about their dedication to supporting the community.

For the full run-down of Blitz Conditioning, check out my day #4 blog post. Out of the 25 workouts done over the month of January, the HIIT classes here are by far the most challenging.

Day #25 – Barre Body Studio Edmonton

Well I didn’t plan on doing Barre, but sure glad I did. Gent’s, this is way harder than you may think. I was literally pouring sweat after about 10 minutes.

High reps, small short movements and every exercise / movement you do, you do it until you feel the burn…

Although I was the only dude in the class, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and now my wife Kat is eager to try it out herself.

Overall – Beautiful facility, easy access, good vibe and glow juicery in the house for after workout refreshments.

IMG_20150131_160555  IMG_20150131_161615  IMG_20150131_161544  IMG_20150131_162000

Thats it ladies and gentleman. 25 days, 25 workouts. I’ve had a blast doing it and found some hidden gem fitness studios that I’m looking forward to returning to. Thanks to all the venues that welcomed me!

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