4 more days, 4 more workouts…

It’s been a few days since I’ve caught everyone up on my 25 workout challenge so here is an update on days #16, 17, 18 & 19.

Day #16 – Men’s League V-ball – Tier 1 Action

It felt awesome to get back on the v-ball court again this last Thursday with team Vintage at the Saville Center. Even though it’s just “men’s league”, the majority of players in the top tier have experience playing varsity ball, pro ball overseas, or national team. This always makes for some high level and competitive matches which is usually full of colourful and creative trash talk across the net. It was a nice surprise to see current National Team and professional volleyball player Jason Derocco suited up on the other side of the court. Jason was taking a short break from the national team full time training center in Gatineau and was able to show some of us “old guys” how it’s done when your in your prime!

The result – Vintage goes 2-0 beating the Bears and reigning supreme at the top of tier 1!

Me with the Derocco Brothers.

Me with the Derocco Brothers.

Day #17 – Yoga Life – South Edmonton Common

It was Friday night, I was totally drained after a long week and thought that the best option for my workout of the day would be a yoga class. After chatting with Katarina she browsed a few studios online and saw an acro-yoga class scheduled at Yoga Life, a studio neither of us had been to before, and insisted we do an acro-yoga date night – and the plan was set!

We live just west of Kingsway Mall so it took a good 25-30 minutes to arrive at the Yoga Life studio in south Edmonton Common. This place is nice! As you walk in there are couches around a coffee table with fresh fruit and tea brewing on the side. A nice selection of yogi clothing and gear is set up around another corner and a big glowing window bearing the “Yoga Life” logo is lit up behind the main reception.


I tell the young lady that we would like to buy a drop in pass to the 7pm acro-yoga class and she gives me a surprised look and says “uhhm well… actually the acro-class is at the north side location.”

Nice one Kat…You took us to the wrong location.

“So is there another class going on?” I ask. The young lady replies “yes there is a Restore and Renew class at 7.” So we both agreed that since we are already here we might as well try it out. The idea behind this class is active relaxation. The body is supported with props in various postures that are supposed to stimulate and restore the body towards balance. Let me tell you… This is RELAXATION. As a matter of fact it was so relaxing that I actually fell asleep during every single posture. Katarina said she new I was sleeping because my breathing was so loud. I’m pretty sure that the intent of the class is to stay aware, awake, maybe meditate…but a yoga practice is all up to the individual practicing isn’t it?

Anyways… I look forward to trying out another one of the many classes Yoga Life offers at either their North or South Edmonton Common location. Thanks Yoga Life for my first class!

Nice changerooms w/ lockers, showers, towels, q-tips...

Nice changerooms w/ lockers, showers, towels, q-tips…


Little chill out area to sip tea, eat fruit.

Day #18 – Legends Training Centre

Legends is no unfamiliar place to me. This is where I was first introduced to boxing and if it wasn’t for my months of training at Legends, I would have never started seriously getting into boxing and actually fighting in a few bouts.

Legends really has something for everyone. They are a premiere Brazilian Jiu Jitsu facility and are part of the Gracie Barra family of Jiu Jitsu training. Legends offers boxing, kickboxing, BJJ, group fitness, personal fitness, sport specific team training and boot camps. You’ll see a range of people from little gaffers in Gi’s practicing Jiu Jitsu to their parents doing Kevin’s always challenging group classes. This is truly a family facility.

It had been a while since I’ve trained at Legends and it was nice to get a good workout in there Saturday morning. Thanks Kevin!


Day #19 – Sparring

I was called by my old boxing coach to help a new fighter get some rounds in before his first fight coming up this spring. This was the first time that I’ve been back in the ring since I got TKO’d at boxing provincials almost a year and a half ago and I am glad I did it. It is amazing how much of a workout 3, 2-minute rounds can be.

The rounds went well, the guy is a new fighter and has definitely got some skills, but still has a lot of work to do…Mainly just getting in better physical shape. I can say from experience, the worst feeling you can get when boxing is total exhaustion halfway through a bout. I would love to include a few rounds of sparring once or twice a month in my regular fitness regime. I also want to check out some more boxing clubs in this city. Any recommendations?

IMG_20150125_131026 IMG_20150125_131014

If you’re interested in watching the final fight of my boxing career… it’s on youtube. Just search Tim Gourlay or check out the link.


6 more workouts to go!





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