Day #13,14, & 15 – U of A Butterdome + Gym, TNP Fitness Studio, SVPT Fitness & Athletics

Day#13 – U of A Butterdome + Brand NEW Fitness Center


I will always have a good time working out and exercising at the University of Alberta. Even with a 40% busted to working locker ratio and showers that never get hotter than luke warm, it will always be a familiar place that I genuinely enjoy spending time at. Come to think of it whether I’m at the university fitness facilities or just anywhere on campus it is almost always a place I am happy to be around. Many great memories come from the U… Playing with the Golden Bears for 3 amazing seasons, meeting my beautiful wife, and the usual campus happenings and events that define the U of A culture… And now they built a brand new fitness center!!!

If you have ever been to the old fitness center, picture that in your head, take away the old musky smell, multiply the size by 6, and imagine all new equipment. Thats what the new center is like. Way more room, no waiting for any machines or equipment or the water fountain. Same great vibe.

IMG_20150119_203700 IMG_20150119_203825

A bonus with the U of A is you can always go to the butterdome and run the track, shoot hoops or run the 20 + sets of stairs all for free.


go bears

#TBT to March 2009 – Golden Bears are Golden at CIS Natties!

Day #14 TNP Fitness Studio


I knew that since I was working a casino shift for Crime Stoppers immediately after work on Tuesday the only time to get my swell on was in the morning so I hit up the 6:30am HIIT at TNP Fitness Studio. This definitely isn’t the biggest studio in the world but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get a BIG workout. The instructor Jordan put us through tough, tough intervals and had a heavy electro playlist to go with it…Loved the tunes. There was some serious energy in that place.

Thanks for the workout Jordan and TNP!


This signage had all the exercises posted throughout the different intervals


Day #15 – SVPT Fitness & Athletics

LUNCH. HOUR. WORKOUTS…FINALLY!!! This was a great fitness studio find for me. Perfect timing over my lunch break and perfect location only a few minutes away from my office. My colleague has been working out at this place for ages and has always encouraged me to try it out. So I finally did.

First off, you get a pretty good feeling this place is legit as you walk in the door. There is a 30ft wall covered in various signed  “thank you SVPT” photos of the many professional athletes that train at this facility. Although this isn’t an MMA or Combat style gym, it seems like many of the Edmonton pro MMA and boxing athletes do their non combat physical training here. I was pleasantly surprised to run into the 6x world champion local boxer Jelena Mrdjenovich just finishing up her workout as I began. If Jelena trains here then, damn… this place IS legit.


The workout was short, sweet and tough. It was called a “metabolic conditioning” workout. I have no idea what that means but will be sure to ask the next time I go, and I will definitely go again. The class size is (purposefully) small which enables the instructor to give lots of personalized attention ensuring proper technique and execution of the various functional exercises. Thanks Cameron and SVPT for the workout!


The cherry on top was that on the drive back I pass right by the Fifendekel cafe which has the best sandwich Edmonton has to offer. Chicken salad on sunflower bread, cranberry, havarti and all the groceries. Trust me. Try it.

Yours Truly,

Timothy MacGregor G


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