Day #10, 11 & 12 – Brospin 2.0, Spark Conditioning & Lake Louise

Day #10 – Brospin 2.0


Bro 1 – “Bro do you even spin?”

Bro 2 – “Ya bro. I spin”

Bro 1 – “I thought that was just for ladies?”

Bro 2 – “Negative bro. I do it for the ladies”

Bro 1 – “Nice bro…Nice”

It was a full house for Brospin 2.0 Friday night at the one and only Spinunity in Sherwood Park. I’m glad I bought my ticket early because this event sold out quick. The entire evening went off without a hitch and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. Things started out with an hour of intense spinning alongside a nicely bro’d out playlist (courtesy of Erika BRO-rootes) and ended with pizza, beer and a swag bag that included some premium lulu ginch! I met some new people, made some great connections and also ran into some familiar faces. All of the money raised went to the Hope Mission ( Check out the amazing photos courtesy of the talented Chan @

Thanks to Spinunity for hosting this event and everyone who attended!

Day #11 – Spark Conditioning

I have been meaning to check out a Cross Fit style gym for months and Saturday morning I finally did. I found Spark Conditioning off of my “bust a move” YEGFitness pass sampler and their 9am class gave me just enough time to sneak in a workout before taking off to Banff for the annual MBA ski trip. After chatting with some of the members and staff I learned that Spark offers much more than just a Cross Fit workout. They run sport specific conditioning, team conditioning, personal training and I think there is even a yoga studio on the mezzanine.

First off, this place is massive! From the outside it looks like just a regular commercial bay off the corner of 99th street and Whitemud. Once you walk in the doors and go past the front reception area you’ll enter a 14,000 sq ft, open air, fully equipped beast of a training center. A 20ft wide by about 120 ft long astro turfed area stretches the full length of the studio on one side. A large open workout space spreads across the other side with rowing machines, squat racks, barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells just to name a few of the items neatly spread around the space.

IMG_20150117_084039 IMG_20150117_084012

Our trainers name was Talla and she did an amazing job of explaining all of the different exercises and proper techniques to me, the “new guy”. The class began with a few warm up exercises up and down the astro turf and gradually became more and more challenging as we progressed through each of the various exercises. I had heard earlier from one of the regulars in the change room that the toughest part of the workout is at the end where everyone does the WOD (Workout Of the Day). He was right. The WOD kicked my @ss. You basically have 7 minutes to perform the WOD as many times as possible. It’s deadly, and definitely forces you to push your limits.

IMG_20150117_095945 IMG_20150117_100151

The overall vibe at Spark was extremely welcoming and friendly, both from the staff and other members. I could definitely see myself adding workouts like this to my fitness regime. Thank you Talla and Kim for the great experience + workout. I look forward to coming back!

Day #12 – MBA Ski Trip @ Lake Louise (Snowboarding counts as a workout)

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Sunday. After a rather late evening of gallivanting around Banff, Katarina and I pulled ourselves out of bed, hopped on the bus with the rest of the hurting units that comprised our group, and had an unreal day shredding up Lake Louise. The pulled pork, pork loin, and bacon poutine for lunch was also rather enjoyable.


Just a Crow...Chillin.

Just a Crow…Chillin.


Thats all for now ladies and gentleman. Until next time.



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