Day #5, 6, 7 – Tru Ride Cycle, Marshall Boxing Club & Dance Code Studio

Day # 5 – Tru Ride Cycle Studio

Great sweat, solid playlist and not a bad way to start off a Sunday Morning. I was lucky enough that the beautiful Katarina was able to join me for this one and we both agreed that we would definitely come back to Tru Ride…

IMG_20150111_091719 IMG_20150111_091737

The instructors name was Karma and if you are reading this Karma, send me your playlist! I definitely liked the variety… A grimey white stripes remix to start things off followed by some hip hop, electronic and even a little bit of drum and bass to get things moving… Bravo!

The facility was clean, showers & towels in the change rooms, a little chill out zone with couches just outside the spin room. Hopefully my photography skills give this place justice. Thanks for the workout Karma & Tru Ride.

IMG_20150111_093926 IMG_20150111_091504 IMG_20150111_092118

Day # 6 – Marshall Boxing Club

It’s been a while since I have thrown on the old boxing gloves and I was definitely overdue to punch some $h!T. Matt Marshall, hence the name Marshall Boxing Club, was my first (and only) boxing coach and trained me for almost a year in 2013 fighting 3 times before I literally threw in the gloves and ended my amateur career with 2 wins and a tough, tough TKO loss. Boxing is a rough sport and I give props to all the real fighters out there. It’s sure a grind to get up and keep going after a tough loss or even taking a really hard hit. For me, I’ll just stick to the boxing training for the time being.

After my first fight in Oyen. Both Dax and I won.

After my first fight in Oyen. Both Dax and I won.

The time I spent boxing training put me in the best shape of my entire life. Matt has over 10 years experience in boxing and kickboxing, a black belt in kung fu and really know’s how to get you into shape both physically and mentally. At first I didn’t realize how much thinking and concentration is involved in a boxing workout. Learning all the different combinations is one thing but executing them when you are absolutely exhausted is much more challenging.

The facility isn’t huge but it is large enough and has everything any boxing gym would have – heavy bags, speed bags, hand pads, headgear, but most importantly a coach who knows what he’s doing and genuinely cares for the well being and safety of everyone who he trains. Marshall Boxing Club will cater to anyone looking for a new experience, to just get in shape, or even to compete in a real boxing bout. Marshall Boxing Club was featured on CTV recently and the vid can be found here:

Matt and I doing the usual boxer photo pose after our session

Matt and I doing the usual boxer photo pose after our session

They also do Jiu Jitsu and other types of combat training at the facility - Wise Warrior Gym

They also do Jiu Jitsu and other types of combat training at the facility – Wise Warrior Gym

Day #7 – Dance Code Studio

This was a true first time experience for me. I have never, ever been to a dance class before and if it wasn’t for my 25 day, 25 workout challenge I probably never would have. Luckily I did because it awesome! The Croatian sensation and I both went to the “Pop & Lock” class and are about halfway to showcasing our new moves next time we are out on the town. The instructor was an extremely talented dude. He made everything look so easy but damn, popping and locking is not easy. Popping basically refers to going from being relaxed and casual to tensing your muscles and stopping your movement to create a POP with your body…and doing it to the beat. Think doing the robot. It took a little while but by the end of it both Kat and I were poppin’ like it’s hot.

IMG_20150113_203010 IMG_20150113_202945

The location is pretty central in the Oliver area of downtown and it is in the same building as Blitz conditioning. The facility is pretty big with 3 different dance rooms. It seems like they have a ton of different types of classes, and as Kat and I were walking in there were about 30 people swing dancing. So…I’m pretty sure there is a little something for everyone at the Dance Code Studio. Before going to the class tonight I thought in my head that this will most likely be my first and last dance class but now that I have actually got the basics of Popping and Locking under my belt I am sure I will be back to work on my sick, sick moves.

Sick move #1

Sick move #1

I am off to Lethbridge tomorrow for a “Tour de Southern Alberta” visiting clients so I hope I can crush another gym off my YEG Fitness “bust a move” charity gym sampler before my flight leaves at 10am. If not I’ll have to see what types of facilities good ol’ Lethbridge has in store for me. -Timmy G

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