25 Days. 25 Unique Workouts.

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the Split Fit Blog. Over the next month you can follow me on here checking out 25 different Edmonton Fitness Studios. Get the down low on local bootcamps, spin studios, boxing gyms, mma facilities, yoga studios and more. If anyone wants to join any day over the next month give me a shout because the more the merrier (I have 2 drop in passes to each of these studios) – cartergo@ualberta.ca.

Split Fit = A new way to cross train. Splitting your fitness regime among a variety of training styles, intensities and physical activities. If you think you would enjoy the benefits of cross training amongst the best local studios Edmonton has to offer, follow me on twitter @splitfityeg and get updates on my fitness journey over the next month. Split Fit is Coming!!!


Timmy G

P.S. My wife Katarina wants me to post before and after pictures…Happy Wife, Happy Life.

January 5, 2015 – 218lbs

IMG_20150106_224615 IMG_20150106_224559


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